World recognition for Kinesio in 2012
By Kate Slater | 12 December 2012

Kinesio Tape has certainly been brought to the world's attention this year. During Euro 2012, we saw three large stripes of blue on Mario Ballotelli?s back while Italian goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon was wearing it on his neck. At Wimbledon, Serbian tennis ace Novak Djokovic, wore it on his elbow.

But it was at the Olympics when people really started to notice and talk about Kinesio. It was all over Olympic divers, sprinters, javelin throwers, and even draped across the shoulders of U.S. Women's Beach Volleyball Gold Medalist Kerri Walsh. Kinesio Taping made Olympic headlines and was seen on athletes from almost every country, across nearly every discipline. If you didn't know what the bright stripes were before, then you certainly did by September 2012.

Since then, the benefits of 'mending on the move' have become plain for all to see and Kinesio Taping has gone mainstream. It is now seen on athletes from amateur clubs to national teams all over the world.

Even more exciting, Kinesio Taping is increasingly being used in children's medicine in the UK and we held our first KT2 and KT3 paediatric courses during November in London and Newcastle.

The courses were exceptionally well received with many practitioners explaining how useful Kinesio Taping was in paediatric neurology when working with muscle tone and movement patterns. Practitioners treating children with hemiplegia and cerebral palsy find Kinesio Taping particularly beneficial to their patients.

Finally, an increasing amount of equine physios are using Kinesio Taping as it aids healing, is comfortable for horses and unlike other types of strapping it doesn't come off easily. It's now relatively common to see racehorses wearing their 'go faster stripes' in Kinesio colours.

Kevin Anderson, MD Kinesio UK says: 'It's been a phenomenal year for Kinesio UK, with our pre-cut tape selling well, our courses increasingly popular and our tape roll sales going through the roof. I'm particularly pleased with the success of the paediatric courses and we're hoping to schedule many more of these in 2013. Many people forget that Kinesio Taping was originally used in the UK to treat Lymphoedema - not sporting injuries - and now that the tape's benefits are more widely recognised by the medical fraternity, it is very encouraging. We also have a new clinical research project starting in Germany next year, so we are looking forward to a very exciting future.'

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