Osteomyologist & Kinesio play major part in British American Football
By Kinesio UK | 02 February 2017

Osteomyologist and Sports Therapist Nicola Delglyn has been playing a major part in the recent success of British American Football team the Bury Saints, which has seen the club go from training at Nowton Park; a local recreational area shared with dog walkers and joggers, to promotion to the Premier Division in the British American Football League.

Nicola qualified as a Sports Therapist before retraining as Osteomyologist, where she received a doctorship. She is also a qualified nutritionist and Level 4 PT Specialist. Like many professionals with a Sports Therapy background, Nicola, who is based in Bury St Edmunds, has always been passionate about sport and has previously played at a competitive level. Her interest was piqued in 2010 when she heard about how Kinesio taping could help with the recovery of injuries. She attended a course hosted by CKTI Gudrun Collins and enjoyed the practical nature of the teaching, even going so far as to treat a current ankle injury during the course and was impressed by the recovery assistance. Nicola hasn't looked back since and Kinesio Taping has become a key modality in her treatment programmes.

"Kinesio sticks well. You don't necessarily have to strap somebody up to the Nth degree to get the results that you need, which I like, but if you want to put that sort of strapping on you can do it. It gives you the flexibility to manage a patient's recovery".

Her work at Moreton Hall Health Club introduced her to one of the head coaches at the Bury Saints who then began recommending her to the rest of the players and a fruitful partnership began. Nicola uses Kinesio tape frequently in situations where players are recovering from injury and has had good results. Speaking about how she deals with rehabilitation and treatment she said, "If they have an injury and they've got to work through the injury then they have the tape on to aid with the recovery and to support."

The Bury Saints began life back in spring of 2013 and were awarded a Sport England grant that same year which enabled them to buy the training equipment and player kit to take them to the next level. A good relationship developed with the local Thurston Rugby Club, which gave them access to suitable facilities and they have gone from strength to strength since.

2014 saw the team accepted into the British American Football League and they went 5-5 in their inaugural season. Nothing could have prepared them for the seasons to come. They went unbeaten with a 10-0 record in the 2015 regular season including a 78-7 thrashing of their home county rivals, the Ipswich Cardinals. This promoted the Saints into Division 1 and took them to the 2015 Rose Bowl against the Bristol Apache, where they proved to be too strong for Bristol, winning the final 47-12.

It is an incredible rise but one not without setbacks. The physical nature of the sport means that injuries are inevitable. Luckily, the players have been in good hands. Nicola has used lymph drainage along with RICE to reduce swelling on a damaged ankle as well as treating a variety of smashed shoulders, neck injuries and back injuries. She believes the results the players see are shown on the field.

"They've been very pleased with the results that they have been getting and that just shows in their performance. I've been very proud to be part of a great set up, from coaching staff, to players and the cheerleaders. Their dedication is inspiring".

The 2016 season finished with the Bury Saints unbeaten and awarded automatic promotion to the Premier League. A win at the end of August against Edinburgh confirmed their promotion to Premier League and made them National league Champions, with 1 loss in the last two seasons. They?ve come along way from Nowton Park.

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