Kinesio Taping & Skiers Thumb
By Kate Slater | 29 April 2019

For our injury focus this month, we've picked a condition which has seasonal relevance - Skier's Thumb.


Skier's thumb (or gamekeepers thumb) describes an injury of the tissue that connects the bones of your thumb together. This condition is one of the most common skiing injuries. A fall on an outstretched hand, with a ski pole, can put stress the thumb and stretch or tear the ligament. The thumb can also be injured if it jams into packed snow at a high speed.

A less common cause of this injury is a car crash where the driver has their thumb over the wheel and it is bent backward or to the side on impact.

It is important to seek advice regarding this type of injury, as the ligament facilitates the grasping function of your thumb.


  • - Pain at the base of the thumb, or when moving the thumb
  • - Blue or black discoloration of the skin around the thumb
  • - Swelling
  • - Inability to grasp, or a weakness of grasp

If you think that you have a skier's thumb injury, home care can help with pain and swelling. Rest, ice and avoiding activities that exacerbate the pain are important.

Kinesio Tape is used by some therapists to help to reduce swelling, pain and provide support for rehabilitation. A sample of the type of application use for Skiers Thumb is included in this post. A trained Kinesio therapist can also assess your injury and show you how to apply the tape.

If the pains persists you should always seek professional advice. Any injury to the thumb that results in high levels of pain, swelling and instability, should be examined by a doctor or hand specialist.

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