Effect of Gastrocnemius Kinesio Taping on Countermovement Jump Performance and Vertical Stiffness following Muscle Fatigue
By Human Kinetics Journals | 22 April 2017
Sample Size:50


Kinesio Tape (KT) is a widely used intervention in the fields of sports and rehabilitation. However, its effects on lower extremity behavior during functional activities are not entirely known.


To test the hypothesis that application of KT can change performance and vertical stiffness during the countermovement jump (CMJ) before and after a fatigue protocol.


A pre and post design to study the effect of KT in two situations, pre- and post-fatigue. In each fatiguing condition, there were two conditions with- and without-KT application on the gastrocnemius muscle.


Biomechanics laboratory.


50 healthy, non-athlete participants (26 female, 24 male).


KT application on the gastrocnemius muscle and a fatigue protocol to induce fatigue in plantar flexor muscles.

Main Outcome Measures

Various jumping parameters, including jump height (JH), maximum force (MF), maximum power (MP), rate of force development (RFD), eccentric lower-limb stiffness (ES), and vertical stiffness (VS), were calculated using the vertical ground reaction force data. ES and VS were calculated using a mass-spring model. The studied variables can present lower extremity elastic behavior and performance during CMJ.


The results of a two-way repeated measure analysis of variance showed no significant effect for KT application. Fatigue resulted in lower values of JH, MP, and VS. Moreover, male subjects showed greater values of JH, MF, and MP than did females.


The main finding of this study was that gastrocnemius kinesio taping has no effect on performance or elastic behavior of the lower extremity during CMJ. Moreover, KT cannot reduce the adverse effect of fatigue in a functional activity such as CMJ. It seems that gastrocnemius KT is not effective for demanding activities.

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