The Effects of a Kinesio® Tape Application on Intramuscular Tissue Temperature Change During a 20-Minute Cryotherapy ApplicationThe Short-Term Effects of Kinesio Taping Compared to Sham Taping in Adults with Chronic Nonspecific Low Back Pain
By ProQuest | 01 May 2017
Sample Size:3


To determine the short-term effects of Kinesio taping verses sham taping in an adult population with chronic nonspecific low back pain (CNSLBP) on pain and disability.


Primary and secondary analysis conducted examining the shortterm effects on pain and disability comparing Kinesio taping to sham taping in adults with CNSLBP using the VAS, RMDQ, and ODI.


Three studies were included in this meta-analysis. The primary analysis concluded heterogeneity and no statistical significance between Kinesio taping and sham taping. The secondary analysis concluded homogeneity and statistical significance favoring Kinesio taping for pain. In addition, the within group comparison showed improvements over time for both the Kinesio group and sham group, in regards to pain and disability.


Due to controversial findings in the literature, there is currently no consensus on the clinical application of Kinesio taping. However, this meta-analysis shows promising results with the inclusion of similar studies, suggesting the need for more research done with good research methodology and consistent parameters.

Study Design

A meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials examining the short-term effects of Kinesio taping versus sham taping in an adult population with CNSLBP.

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