Pain Associated with Trigeminal Neuralgia Effectively Treated with Kinesio Taping: A Case Report
By PM&R | 01 September 2017
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Case/Program Description

The patient presented with autoimmune anto-TNF associated demyelination polyneuropathy and trigemninal neuralgia. Her trigeminal neuralgia pain had previously been controlled with oxcarbazepine but this was discontinued due to significantly decreased IgG levels. Consequently, she experienced significant burning pain and discomfort in her right jaw, cheek and neck from her trigeminal neuralgia which escalated to the point of daily therapy. She had a complex pharamacologic pain regimen that included: nortiptyline, acetaminophen, baciofen, cuclobenzaprine, gabapentin, fentanyl patch, and hydromorphone PRN. Topical agents were then tried with both lidocaine and dicifenac gel not being effective. Neurology was consulted and recommended a gasserian ganglion block be perfomed by interventional radiology, which the patient declined. After discussion with multiple teams on the different non-invasive treatments therapeutic kinesio taping was initiated. After treatment, the patient reported a significant reduction in her rigeminal neuralgia pain and was able to participate in therapy.


Acute inpatient rehabilitation facility


Utilizing the same technique as would be done for applying kinesiology tepe for TMU, kinesio taping was done on the patient. The following day the patient reported a 75% reduction in her trigeminal neuralgia pain, She was able to reduce her Hydromorph one usage from approximately 6 times a day to only 1-2 times a day, and had improved participation in therapy.


This is the first reported case, to our knowledgem of a patient being treated with kinesiology tape for pain associated with trigeminal neuralgia.


Kinesio taping may be an effective treatment for trigeminal neuralgia pain and further research is warranted.

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