The role of Kinesiology tapes on the shoulder joint at senior volleyball players
By Acta Medica Marisiensis | 01 September 2017
Sample Size:3


The purpose of the study aims at finding the motor effects induced by using kinesio taping in the rehabilitation program of scapulohumeral joint diseases of A Division volleyball athletes.


Length of research: April-May 2017, during play-off time, after completing the championship. Participants: 3 senior volleyball players, aged 19-24 years, diagnosed with scapula-humeral impingement. The rehabilitation program included: 15 session of individual medical gymnastics and 12 staggered days when kinesio tapes were applied. A pretest was done the first day after diagnosing and a posttest the next day after the completion of the rehabilitation program. The questionnaire Disabilities of the Arm, Shoulder and Hand was applied to module sports that included 4 items concerning difficulties of technical execution, pain, efficiency and length of practice.


Relevant improvements concerning the ability to practise the volleyball game by calculating the DASH score of 26.25% to IR player, of 43.75% to TS player and of 50.02% to ILR player.


Using Kinesiology tapes in conjunction with an appropriate medical gymnastics program, has beneficial effects on reducing stiffness in the case of impingement, significantly restoring the scapulohumeral joint mobility at a division volleyball players. In the areas where there is a frictional contact which proved to be problematic for using the tapes there were injuries or partial detachments of the tapes.

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