Agility profile in collegiate athletes with chronic ankle sprain: the effect of Athletic and Kinesio taping among both genders
By Sport Sciences for Health | 03 May 2018
Sample Size:26


The prevalent of ankle sprain is diagnosed different among both genders in various activities. Taping is generally used as preventive means to protect the ankle joint and enhance the joint to prevent further musculoskeletal damage. Agility drill, as a vital factor for most activities, requires high ankle stability and sufficient range of motion (ROM) during turning, sprinting and cutting.


This study aimed to assess the effect of two types of taping (Kinesio taping-KT-and Athletic taping-AT) in six agility tests (Illinois, 505, T test, Hexagon, Compass Drill and 10 m agility Shuttle), which include keeping body balanced, turning, side step cutting and jumping, in comparison with non-taped ankle.


Twenty-six university students (13 males, age: 23.9 1.6 years; stature: 1.79 0.05 m; body mass: 75.4 8.7 kg and 13 females, age: 23.7 1.8 years; stature: 1.66 0.06 m; body mass: 59.54 8.2 kg) (mean s) performed all six agility tests with and without taped ankle.


In ankle Kinesio-taped condition, results portrayed significance differences in 505 (p = 0.2), 10 m Shuttle (p = 0.01), Hexagon (p = 0.00), Compass Drill (0.00) and T (0.03) tests in comparison with non-taped ankle condition in males, and similarly in 505 (p = 0.1), 10 m Shuttle (p = 0.00), Hexagon (p = 0.00), Compass Drill (0.01) and T (0.03) tests among females. After usage of Athletic tape, results showed significance difference in Hexagon (0.00), Compass Drill (0.00) and T (0.01) tests in males and Hexagon (0.00) and Compass Drill (0.00) tests in females.


Regardless of costs and ease of use, both Kinesio and Athletic tapes are recommended in instant ankle sprains to return to match for a short time in sports that require stability, jumping and cutting, not linear sprinting, but in sports, which are in need of linear sprinting, Kinesio taping might be an option, because it does not affect joint ROM.

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