HPR Kinesiotaping might help to improve postural displacements in adolescent
By Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases | 16 June 2018
Sample Size:20


The optimal posture plays an important role for preventing musculoskeletal problems. The therapeutic effects of kinesiotaping have been shown in forward head posture and rounded shoulder posture in adults previously.1,2 However, as to our knowledge, the effect of kinesiotaping on total posture has not been evaluated before in adolescents.


To investigate the effect of kinesiotaping application on total posture in adolescents.


Twenty children (11 M/9 F) with postural displacements were enrolled in the study. The postural displacements were evaluated with a mobile application (PostureScreen) which was validated for postural assessment previously. The total scores which were obtained from the anterior view was used for the analysis. Assessments were performed at baseline and 45 min following the kinesiotaping application. The kinesiotaping application was performed as seen in Figure 1.


The median age was 12.5 years (IQR: 11.0/15.0 years), the median height was 145.5 cm (IQR: 142.5/166.5 cm) and the median weight was 38.0 kg (IQR: 33.5/51.0 kg). A significant improvement was observed in anterior angulation degrees. While the baseline score was 8.70o (IQR: 4.10o/14.55o), the score improved following kinesiotaping application to 4.35o (IQR:2.35o/6.30o) (p=0.009). No significant changes were detected in anterior translation, lateral translation and lateral angulation parameters (p>0.05).


According to our results kinesiotaping has a potential to improve postural displacements in adolescents. The improvement in the posture might be resulted from a sustained feedback on the trunk by the kinesiotaping. However, future longitudinal studies which are mainly focused on the chronic effect of kinesiotaping are needed to reveal the real potential of kinesiotaping on the postural displacements in adolescents.

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