Acute effect of taping on plantar pressure characteristics in athletes with exercise-induced leg pain: a description and comparison of groups
By The Physician and Sportsmedicine | 21 November 2018
Sample Size:31


Foot pronation is considered as a potential risk factor of lower leg overuse injury. This study aimed to identify plantar pressure characteristics of elite athletes with exercise-induced leg pain in throwing athletic disciplines, and to verify the acute effect of taping for restricting foot pronation by analyzing the plantar pressure characteristics.


This study was designed as a description and comparison of throwing athletic athletes. Participants were divided into exercise-induced leg pain (ELP group, n = 17) and control groups (CON group, n = 14). Plantar pressure variables (contact area, maximum force, and peak pressure) at eight-foot regions in athletes' supporting leg were recorded during standing on one leg and a natural walk before and after applying anti-pronation or sham taping techniques.


There are significant difference of contact area, maximal force, and peak pressure in some regions of their foot between the ELP and CON groups. But the anti-pronation taping decreased only the peak pressure in lateral midfoot of CON group during a natural walk (p = 0.002).


The anti-pronation taping technique may not be effective preventive strategy from the exercise-induced leg pain, such as shin splints.

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