A comparative study on the use of Kinesio taping and therapeutic ultrasound along with conventional physiotherapy for treatment of sub-acromial impingement
By Indian Journal of Applied Research | 01 July 2019
Type:Systematic Review
Sample Size:22


A comparative study was done on patients suffering from subacromial impingement by using kinesio taping along with HPE and another group was treated with conventional physiotherapy including along with ultrasound to find out there effects on reduction of pain and range of shoulder. A total number of 22 patients aged between 19-45 were included. They were divided into a group of two 11 each. The first group was treated with KT every alternate day for 3 weeks along with home exercises.. The second group was treated with the US +MT for 3 weeks daily. Evaluation was done by DASH and VAS scale pre and post-treatment . DASH and VAS scale scores showed a tremendous decrease after a week of treatment in both the groups. And at the end of the third week, both groups showed the almost same result. Both the interventions are equally beneficial in patients with sub-acromial impingement.

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