Effect of Kinesio-Taping on pain and muscle activity in individuals with Bruxism
By International Journal of basic and applied research | 01 June 2019
Type:Randomized Controlled Trial
Sample Size:30


Bruxism, habit of excessive teeth grinding/clenching or teeth tightening, leads to teeth-wear, increased masticatory muscles' firing, pain, temporomandibular joint dysfunction, headache, sleep disturbances, etc. Kinesio-Taping (KT) works with body, allowing full movement, reduces pain and enhances muscle activity. This study investigated effect of KT on pain and muscle activity of masseter in individuals with Bruxism.


To find effect of KT on Pain and Muscle activity in Experimental Group and compare it with Controls. Setting and Study Design: This randomized controlled trial was carried out at Dr. D. Y. Patil College of Physiotherapy, Pune.

Methods and Materials

30 individuals between 18-45 years, both genders, diagnosed with Bruxism were randomly divided in Experimental and Control Groups. NPRS and surface EMG (sEMG) were recorded (P1). The Experimental Group received KT for masseter which was retained for 24hrs. Control Group did not receive KT. NPRS and sEMG were assessed after 24hrs (P2), and after 48hrs (P3) to assess carryover effects. NPRS and EMG (P2 and P3) were taken for control group too.


Experimental Group showed statistically significant difference in NPRS and sEMG at 24hrs (P2) and 48hrs post-treatment (P3) when compared to Baseline (P1) and Control Group (p<0.001).


KT significantly improved Pain and Masseter muscle activity in individuals with Bruxism, with significant carryover effect post tape removal.

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